Easter Devotion and Blocks Set

Many of our families have loved using Advent Blocks the last two years, so when we saw the Easter Blocks set available, we wanted to provide you with this resource to help you slow down and reflect during Holy Week this year.

Easter Blocks 

Slow down and reflect during Holy Week with this rich and playful tabletop resource. 

Twelve blocks. Eight days. One story—the story of the most important week in human history.
You can learn more about Easter Blocks here.

The Easter Blocks set contains:
12 blocks, an 8-day written guide, a wooden tray with a detailed resurrection image, a black fabric cover, a glass centerpiece, and a candle. The tray is 6.5” by 6.5” and each block is a 1.5” cube—safe for small hands and engaging for everyone’s eye.

We are suggesting a $25 donation per Easter Blocks and Devotion set.

If you would like a set but are unable to donate at this time, we would love for you to participate still. Feel free to donate if you are able, but if not, we want your family to have the opportunity to do this together.



The Goodkind Podcast
Daily Reflections for Holy Week - a podcast series to help you slow down and savor Christ this Easter!

We're so excited to be releasing our latest (free!) resource to help you engage with God and one another this season. 

Starting Sunday, April 2 (Palm Sunday), we'll be releasing 10-minute reflections for each day of Holy Week on The GoodKind Podcast. 
Following the pattern of Easter Blocks, we'll read Scripture from each day leading up to Jesus' resurrection, provide space for you to reflect, offer a short teaching, and pray. 

We hope this is an easy, tangible way for you to slow down and savor Christ this Easter season. 

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