Vision Weekend

Join us this weekend, November 23-24, as we celebrate what God is doing as He leads His church, and affirm our 2020 budget and new elder candidates!




Ross Chapman is the Founder and President of For Evansville, a social entrepreneurial organization committed to cultivating collaboration among churches and community leaders for the common good. He is also the Executive Producer of Left Turn Productions and has worked with E is for Everyone. 

Ross is a Doctoral candidate at Fuller Theological Seminary and has earned a Master of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and a Bachelor of Arts from Taylor University in Business Management and Christian Education.

Ross has been married to Candace for 9 years. They live in downtown Evansville with their three sons, William (6), Pierce (4), and Beckett (1).

Since moving back to Evansville in 2015, Ross has served in many areas of ministry including: First Impressions Team; as a Small Group leader and coach; in the Nursery; on the Momentum Video Project; teaching in various roles; on the West Campus Launch Team; and as co-leader of our Lead Pastor Search Team. 

During college and seminary, Ross served at Crossroads as an intern in adult ministries and high school ministry between 2005 and 2008, and he was ordained at Crossroads in 2009 before moving to Charlotte, NC.

Dwight Silvera is an Ophthalmologist who specializes in cornea transplants, cataracts and LASIK at Talley Eye Institute. 

Pursuing his passion for the study of God’s Word, Dwight completed a Masters in Applied Biblical Studies from Moody Bible Institute.

Dwight is married to Trish. The Silveras recently celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary.  They have two children, Ethan (14), and Emma (11).

Dwight and Trish came to Crossroads over 6 years ago.  Areas of ministry they have served in include: Adult Small Group Leader; Boys’ Small Group Worship Team (keys and bass guitar); and First Impressions Team Greeters (with their family). Dwight was also part of the Momentum Video Project, REACH International task force and Prayer Team.

LIVE and LOVE like Jesus!
Since his arrival at Crossroads this summer, Lead Pastor Phil Heller, our Elders, Lead Team and many others have been praying for "God, bring clarity and unity around the mission, vision and strategy God has for Crossroads.”

As they prayed and considered God’s mission, and the opportunity we have to join Him in His mission, their hearts began to resonate with the challenge of what this truly looks like and something became clear...that joining God in His mission is best accomplished by truly emulating Jesus.

“Whoever claims to belong to God must live as Jesus did” -1 John 2:6

When we choose to follow Jesus by accepting Him as Savior and making Him Lord, we make a deliberate decision to LIVE and LOVE like Jesus and we sense God calling us to this as our new marching orders, as the way to join Him in His mission.

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