How will I check in my child?
Arrive 15 minutes before service. Visitor check-in begins at the Nursery/Visitor Counter located in the Children's hallway across from the Preschool. There you will be asked to fill out a form that includes a cell phone number, in case you are needed during the service.

How early can I check in my child?
15 minutes prior to service time.

What if I am called during Worship or my class?
That means that we need you to come and care for your child. If your child is in Nursery or Preschool and you are called, then please go directly to your child’s classroom. A volunteer leader or staff member will meet you.

What safety/security measures are in place?
All volunteers must fill out a volunteer application. We request two references for each volunteer in addition to a criminal background check. All workers are screened, thoroughly trained, and wear identification while serving. All children must have a security tag before entering a classroom and parents must show their matching tag when picking up their child. What if my child becomes sick or injured? If your child appears to be ill or injured, we will call you to come care for your child.

What if my child cries when I leave them?
In most cases children will adjust quickly. Our volunteers and staff are trained to deal with upset children. However, if your child continues to cry for more than 10 minutes, we will call you.