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Daily Experiencing God's Presence and Grace</p>
Daily Experiencing God's Presence and Grace


Are you experiencing this presence and grace in your life daily?  

Sometimes when it rains, it pours, and there is nothing like a diagnosis and a revelation that life is not as you thought, within 48 hours of each other that lets fear take hold of every area of your life, health, job, church, and family.

After the diagnosis, we met with the Oncologist and received a profound piece of advice. He said, “Stay off of the internet, gain knowledge by researching from accredited and trusted sources. Your friends and family will want to share their experience, and although they love you and mean well, you must drown out the noise...their story is not your story.” And there it was.

What I have learned through it and on the other side of that difficult and chaotic season, is when I am seeking truth, I must block out the voice in my head, the voice of the enemy, and the voices of the world around me. When I lean in to hear the Voice of Truth, my trusted and faithful source, when I am seeking answers in the word and through prayer, I am able to experience my story through His grace daily. He is in the everyday moments, the everyday struggles, the everyday victories.

Beth, Family Ministries Administrator