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Small Groups

Small Groups

God created us to do life together!

Small Groups are a place to come as you are with other imperfect people and learn about Jesus. Growing and learning together is at the heart of our church and chances are, there’s a group that meets near you.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out our next Group Connect event. It’s a chance to learn about small groups and discover people near you. You weren’t created to do life alone. Let us help you find a group! 

For information, contact Lea Deisher at 812-518-1402 or click here to give us some information that will help us find a group for you.

Throughout 2020 many of our small groups are walking through the book of John.  If you'd like more information about these studies, click here.

They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.
Acts 2:42

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    Small Groups and Covid-19
    Learn how to gather using technology!

    Small Groups and Covid-19 

    Out of a desire to love our community and protect our church family, we have suspended until further notice all groups or gatherings of any kind that meet at one of our campuses.  What does this mean for groups who gather in homes or other locations off-campus?  In this quickly changing environment, our recommendation is to act wisely and follow the guidelines of the CDC.   

    We will try to keep you updated regarding those guidelines.  Currently, the CDC is recommending no gatherings larger than 10. And for those who are the most vulnerable due to age or health, the strong advice is to limit contact with others as much as possible.  Definitely do not meet if you are sick.  Definitely do follow all the recommended hygiene guidelines if you do.  But in general, we are encouraging all our small groups to explore other options to maintain connection with one another.  We’ll share some of those below.

    So, What Do You Recommend For Groups? 

    First, while this is something to take seriously, we want to ask God to show us the special opportunities we have to build community.  We encourage you to go out of your way to cultivate personal contact with each other.  Make sure each person in your group has the contact information of your members.  Set up a group text.  Make frequent phone calls.  Set up a Facebook group.  Talk to your group and create a specific plan for how you will stay connected with each other over the coming weeks. 

    As a church, we’ve been talking a lot about slowing down, adding margin to our schedules, and redeeming the time we have each day to grow in relationship with God and each other, and to reach out to those around us.  Now is the time to put these things into practice.  Encourage the people in your group to connect with God through prayer and through Bible reading each day.  Pray for your neighbors.  Call one another and pray together or read Psalm 91 out loud. 

    The great thing about the time we are living in is that we have many online options to continue to stay connected – and even to meet together. 

    What Resources Can Help Us Stay Connected? 

    First, be sure to check back here often as we will be updating it frequently as we learn of other resources.  Also, check Crossroads’ Facebook page regularly as we are creating more opportunities to interact with one another on that platform.  Also, if you have any trouble with the suggestions below, ask a middle or high school student for help – it is likely they have used each of these options! 

    FACETIME – only if all group members have Apple devices 

    1. FaceTime will allow for multiple participants, not just a one on one call  

    1. Create a text group 

    1. Click on the list of members in the group at the top your screen 

    1. Click on the Facetime icon – this will initiate a group call 

    1. We’ve had several groups already use this will success! 

    1. If you are having trouble using this platform, please click here to visit the FaceTime support page. 


    You can video chat with just one person, or with a group of people. Keep in mind, placing calls through the Messenger app for iPhone, iPad or Android may use your existing data plan. Please contact your mobile operator if you have questions about data charges for calling.  For help with this platform, click here


    1. For instructions to use Zoom, please click here.   

    1. Zoom does require a free account to use.  

    1. Note that Zoom only offers free video conferencing up to 40 minutes for any given meeting.  

    1. Zoom also requires you to download and install the Zoom Client on your computer or an app on your smartphone. 

    1. For comprehensive Help Articles and Videos please click here


    1. For detailed instructions, click here

    1. Does not require any download or client.  

    1. Works through a web browser.  


    1. Requires a Google account.  

    1. Will work on a web browser or through Android/iOS clients.  

    1. For detailed instructions, click here.  

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    Group Connect
    Newburgh Campus

    Check back for dates and times of upcoming Group Connect events!

    Small groups are a core part of Crossroads ministry, it’s where the life of our church takes place and we live out our mission of Disciples who make Disciples.  Small groups make our big church seem much smaller, people get to know each other.  We were not meant to do life alone, bible study and prayer are key to growing in the Christian Faith and small groups is where you will meet people like you who want to grow in relationship with Jesus and to grow relationship with other believers.
    We offer Group Connect about 3 times each year, it is an hour long event where we will help you navigate through and enjoy the process of becoming part of a small group bible study.  We provide a few light snacks and childcare for children grades 5 and under, with pre-registration.  

    If you have questions, contact Lea Deisher at 812-518-1402 or ldeisher@cccgo.com






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    Group Connect
    West Campus

    Check back for dates and times of upcoming Group Connect events!

    Learn what small groups are all about and why they are a core part of our community at Crossroads.  For more information contact Lea at 812-518-1402.


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    Small Group Resources