Current Series

21 Days of Prayer:   Praying with Boldness, Persistence and Humility 

Join us on a 21 day journey that will guide us into a closer relationship with God, and a better understanding of the power of an effective prayer life.

As “Christ-followers,” or Christians, we would do well to establish a routine of daily time spent with our Heavenly Father.  In his teachings on Prayer, we see that Jesus encouraged us to approach our Father with boldness, persistence, and humility. In order to do this, we must have a deep understanding of our relationship with God. We must believe that, as our Father, he has our best interests in mind.  We must have faith in his justice and his promises. Time spent alone with him, getting to know him better, is key to our growth and our understanding of his will.

For more information, or to view our weekly prayer guide for this 21 day journey, click here.

March 30-31: Praying with Boldness  
Bill Altman, Small Groups Pastor

April 6-7: Acts 3-4  Praying with Persistence 
Denny Stevenson, Support Group and Community Shepherd Pastor

April 13-14: Acts 10   Praying with Humility
Ross Langston, High School Pastor