Current Series

Join us for our new sermon series, "The Story of God and Us."

There is one story that stands out as the greatest story ever told. In this story you and I aren’t just made to feel like participants, we are characters within the story. We are the characters, our world is the setting, and the plot is broken down into five acts:

Act 1: Creation

Act 2: Rebellion

Act 3: Rescue

Act 4: Communion

Act 5: Celebration

The conflict occurs in the first act, the resolution is introduced in act 3 and continues through the present and into the future.

The greatest story ever told is “The Story of God and Us.”

September 15/16 - Creation - Andrew Bondurant

September 22/23 - Rebellion - Bill Altman

September 29/30 - Rescue - Ross Langston

October 6/7 - Communion - Andy Teare

October 13/14 - Celebration - Andrew Bondurant