Baptism is an outward expression of inward faith. It’s a step of obedience on the part of anyone who, by faith, is accepting God's free gift of salvation (made available through the death and resurrection of Jesus) and declaring Jesus as Lord of their lives. Baptism is a powerful way to demonstrate our faith in Jesus by following his example and his command. 

Following are a few scriptures that attest to the act of baptism:

  • Matthew 3:13-17
  • Matthew 28:18-20
  • Acts 2:37-41

At Crossroads, we practice immersion as the expression of baptism because Scripture teaches baptism allows us to identify symbolically with Jesus in His death, burial, and resurrection. 

Baptism requires a person of any age to understand the Gospel, to respond in faith, to be repentant of their sins, and to make a deliberate commitment to follow Jesus as Lord.  

If you have questions about baptism, please contact Kristin Moseley at 812-518-1462.

If you are ready to schedule your baptism, please click on the link below.

Baptism Request

We would love to baptize you during one of our weekend services!  If you have considered taking this step of obedience in your commitment to Christ, we would love to come alongside you. 

Salvation/Baptism/Communion Class (ages 10 and under)
Here at Crossroads Kids, we believe the most important decision you can make is to follow Jesus by making Him the Lord of your life! If you have a ten-year-old or younger child asking about following Jesus and getting baptized, click the link below to sign up for our Salvation/Baptism class. This two-week class will help your child better understand their important decision, learn more about what it means to be saved, and see why we get baptized. A parent is required to attend both weeks with their child.

For more information about this class, contact Alexa Rohlman at 812-518-1465.

Salvation/Baptism Classes will be offered on the following dates:



Your health and safety matter to us!
During this season, we are taking extra precautions for your safety during your baptism and have sought advice from local medical professionals and the CDC.

  • We will be sanitizing each of our Baptism Rooms after each use.
  • Our Baptistry has been disinfected and is warmed.