<p>Love Our City<br />
August 1-7, 2022</p>
Love Our City
August 1-7, 2022

Love Our City

One way we can LIVE and LOVE like JESUS is by using what God has given us to serve others!


In April 2022, we launched a new opportunity to do that and we've called it "Love Our City." The idea is simple: We're going to team up in groups and partner with local organizations to love our city. 


Registration is now open for Love Our City this summer, August 1-7.

It's time to grab your family, a group of friends, your small group or bible study and do some good in our neighborhoods.


There will be teams forming to help transform run-down housing, clear out space for kids to learn, organize a clothing pantry, and pray in groups for the city's needs. There will also be suggestions to inspire you right where you are — where you live, work and play.


Click on the dates below to explore opportunities that are right for you. Or, you can skip ahead and sign up now. 



Email Patrick Hickey or call 812-518-1463 for questions or more information.