myCrossroads is an online tool where people connect and engage with each other, improving communication between church members and between members and church staff. myCrossroads also provides resources such as event sign-ups and giving.

Is myCrossroads secure?

Church Community Builder, the software company behind myCrossroads, is dedicated to making sure all your information is secure (CCB statements on security). myCrossroads lets you control what information you make available to other users of the online community and the profile information of children under the age of 12 is hidden from users who are not currently “child work approved”.

While it is helpful to make more of your information available for building community in myCrossroads, you are able to determine what information in your profile is visible to specific sets of people. All we ask is that we are respectful of each other and follow Crossroads Online Community Guidelines.

Who can access myCrossroads?

Anyone can request to receive a login to myCrossroads. If you email address is in our system, you will automatically be sent an email with a link to activate your account and set your password. If no email match is found, a message is sent to the administrator, who can send you an email with your username and activation link.

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