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Neighbors to Nations

From Neighbors to Nations...

Connecting everyone, everywhere to Jesus in some of the hardest-to-reach places in our community and in the world.

When Jesus was asked, "What is the most important commandment?", He responded with LOVE GOD and LOVE OTHERS. (Matthew 22) These two commandments sum up everything that was taught in the Old Testament.

In the New Testament, Jesus commanded the people closest to him to be disciples who "MAKE DISCIPLES". (Matthew 28) These were essentially the last words that Jesus gave his followers.

We can see God's heart for His people by His commandments. God has equipped each one of us with gifts so that we may "LOVE OTHERS" in our own unique way. Our goal is to help you identify those gifts and take your next step in Outreach.

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    Learn with Leaders
    Zoom Conversations
    November 10, 13 & 17

    How can we up our game in leadership and make a difference locally and globally during this COVID season? Be inspired by a wide range of our partners during these Zoom calls, which are back with three more opportunities in November!

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    Transform A Village: Impact and Partnership


    When: Tuesday, November 10, 7:00-7:55 PM CT

    What: Right before the pandemic struck the US, the Crossroads family pulled together and sponsored more than 220 children in Kenya. Tune in to hear from Jayson Simonson, Tim Mantai and Andrea Croslyn, who are excited to shed insight into how these rural Maasai villages are doing. They'll also announce new ways to be a part of what God is doing in East Africa.


    Engage Globally in America

    When: Friday, November 13, 7:00-7:55 PM CT

    What: You may have only heard about Dearborn, Michigan, so come and be surprised and see things with new eyes during this virtual trip. Discover how people like Simon Cox are helping bring Gospel transformation to this unique city nearby Detroit. We'll also hear stories from everyday people like Deedra Everett, who considers it a second home after developing close relationships since the first time she visited years ago.


    Pray for the Nations

    When: Tuesday, November 17, 7:00-7:55 PM CT

    What: Find encouragement and take part in what Jesus is doing in places that have historically rejected the Gospel and even shamed believers. Gain eye-opening context from Tim Maxson, Amy & Jeff Cunningham and Jay Greer, and pray for continued momentum in critical areas like Dubai, Japan and unreached places around the world.


    Learn to Connect with the Marginalized

    Chris Fleming and Ross Chapman joined us September 15 to talk about best practices for connecting with those who are treated as insignificant by society. Chris is the Executive Director at Potter's Wheel and Ross is the President at For Evansville.

    Dig deeper

    Learn to Love Your Neighbor

    Austin Maxheimer and Eric Cummings joined us September 22 to talk about what it truly means to love your neighbor and why it's critical to understanding God's will for our lives. Austin is the Neighborhood Revitalization Director while Eric is the Executive Director, both at the Evansville nonprofit Community One.


    Note: A recording is purposely unavailable from "Learn to Share Your Faith with Intentionality" featuring Dyan Larmey, Becca Patton and Elisabeth in North Africa. Click here for helpful information from this session on September 12.