Have you ever tried prayer-walking?

It has been described as praying on-site with insight and the root of community transformation. Every third Saturday of the month in Goosetown, a group of people who want to see change meet at 11:00 AM in front of Potter's Wheel (333 Jefferson Ave.) and pray expectantly for God's blessing in the neighborhood.

To some, prayer-walking is an odd concept.

But it really isn't much different than when you pray while driving. The only difference is slowing down and being intentional. It is simply praying in the very places where you expect your prayers to be answered, write Steve Hawthorne and Graham Kendrick in their book, "Prayer-walking: Praying Onsite with Insight."

Ask for prayer prompts

Where do you want to see God move?

We encourage everyone to get started at Potter's Wheel. All ages are invited and we encourage families and small groups to participate.

After you see how easy it is, take some time to walk around your where you live and ask God to grow your love for your neighbors. Or, ask a couple of friends to meet at a nearby school.

For more questions about Community Prayer Walks, contact Madison Wepfer at 812-518-1463.