Famous and Forgotten Lives

Famous and Forgotten Lives
Wednesdays, 9:00 AM, August 25-November 17, room 228, Newburgh Campus, led by Ty Wigington

The Bible is full of interesting people-each one made in God's image, yet each one distinct and unique.  This study will explore the lives of some of these individuals.  Some names will be familiar and well-known, while others may be new.  Whether "famous" or "forgotten," each life in the story of Scripture is significant. 

Join us as we meet both familiar and obscure characters in Scripture.  Through their stories, we'll discover new insights about the Lord, ourselves, and our significance in His kingdom.  Whether we identify more with the "famous" or the "forgotten," we can know that our lives are significant, too!

Study participants will need a Bible (your choice of translation) and a notebook.  No additional resources need to be purchased.