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Garrett & Bethany



Garrett & Bethany

“We felt like God was calling us to be a light for Him in an area that was covered in darkness and brokenness. Moving was the easy part. It was getting to know our neighbors and continuing to live intentionally that was hard. In December of last year, a new family moved in next door. I felt God prompting me to take over cookies or something, but because of all the different excuses I came up with, I never did.

"This spring, our small group came over to walk and pray over our neighborhood. I asked them to pray that God would open up new opportunities for us to meet our neighbors and that we would be obedient in doing so.

"Even though we hadn’t crossed paths in a couple of months, that very afternoon we were doing yard work and our neighbor pulled up. I introduced myself and quickly realized that he did not speak English. Being a fluent Spanish speaker, I felt God prompting me to speak to him in his native tongue. I began to speak to him in Spanish. He was completely taken aback that I spoke his language and he proceeded to offer us some of his tools to help us with our yard work. 
Since that day, we have a really special relationship with that particular neighbor. Being able to make him and his family feel welcome because I speak their language is something that only God could have orchestrated. For us, being obedient hasn’t been easy. We have missed opportunities and have made up countless excuses. But we’ve found that saying “yes” to God has led us to some of the most amazing moments, things we wouldn’t have been able to plan on our own.”