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“I have been skeptical of the Bible all my life, because there is not tangible proof that the stories were true. But, my first encounter with the Holy Spirit has shown me that you don't need proof but faith. I've made many mistakes in my past, and a few major regrets that I beat myself up about.

"But at YTH Camp, our speaker, Christian Balderas spoke about repenting for our mistakes and asking Jesus to bring to our attention what has really gone wrong in our lives. While I was praying about the mistakes I've made, I just had the feeling that I was kneeling and Jesus reaches down, grabs my clasped hands, pulls me up and embraces me. It wasn't a vision, or so I've been telling myself, my imagination, but the feeling. This was the Holy Spirit, and the feeling was just so strong. Very little things bring me to tears, but this night I was bawling from euphoria. This night, the Holy Spirit became tangible.”