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My identity is not tied to what I do</p>
My identity is not tied to what I do


“For over 15 years, I have had the opportunity to work as an engineer designing, inspecting, and managing the construction of roadway, bridge, industrial maintenance, and manufacturing projects.  I have been a part of some really cool projects that have changed the way our community travels, plays, produces products for sale, and improves the quality of life for residents. Currently, I serve the local Water & Sewer Utility. Our work helps to protect the health and economic investment of the community by providing safe and reliable water and sewer services to homes, businesses, and wholesale customers in Evansville and surrounding counties.

“When I am at my best, my personal objectives become secondary to the growth and success of the people God has placed in along my path.  That means, in everything, my worth is centered in who God created me to be and who Christ died for me to be. There is a security and perspective that comes with this Truth. I have had to learn that my identity is not solely tied to what I experience or do.  God has been faithful to provide opportunities for me to grow, even in my failures, and when I am paying attention, I can see that He continues to work through the vocation and people that I have been led to.”