Revelation: Extravagant Hope

Thursdays, April 1-May 6, 7:00-8:30 PM, Online Women's Bible study

Have you ever heard someone say they are afraid of the book of Revelation? Or perhaps without knowing, simply described the book in a negative or challenging way? Nothing could be more incorrect as The entire book of Revelation is a descriptive and poignant expression of what John was blessed to see that each of us longs to know—a place, an end, an eternity that is promised and is the very definition of hope, extravagant hope.

As a part of the Beautiful Word Bible Study Series, Bible teacher and author Margaret Feinberg digs into the book of Revelation and the letters to the churches found there. She takes complex and sometimes illusive content and leads on a journey where we come to realize everything we have hoped for is there, on the pages, waiting for us. Margaret connects beautiful words to this final book of the Bible inspiring women to forever be reminded of the one thing we all long for—extravagant hope.

Study participants will need to purchase their own copy of The Revelation Study Guide: Extravagant Hope (Beautiful Word Bible Studies) by Margaret Feinberg.  The Vineyard is trying to keep books on hand for this study, to order a copy or have one held for you, call 812-479-8777.

Study leader Lisa Kloc will send out the Zoom meeting information via email prior to the first meeting.