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People of the Day

Unreached People of the Day

Worldwide, the evangelical church is growing at a significantly faster rate than any other world religion. Even with this growth, missions researchers have made a list of tribes, castes, and groups who are considered “unreached”. 

These 7,000 Unreached People Groups (UPG) haven’t really had a fair chance to say “yes” to Jesus.  They are non-Christians by circumstance rather than by choice. They have not yet heard the Gospel presented to them in a way that they understand and can respond.

These UPGs represent over 2.8 billion people. There is hope–local churches like ours moving in the Holy Spirit’s power.

Prayer speeds the world of world evangelization.  Here are some ways you can make a global impact:

  • Pick a UPG and pray for them regularly
  • Commit to pray regularly while choosing a different UPG each day or each week.
  • Recruit your small group to regularly pray for UPGs.

Crossroads is committed to impacting these 7,000 Unreached People Groups around the world. As we direct strategic resources and people, Crossroads will send more partners with the Good News.