Counseling Center

320 Eagle Crest Drive, Suite A, Evansville, IN  47715

The Crossroads Counseling Center offers Christ-centered counseling through our team of experienced and compassionate counselors.

Life does not always happen the way we think it should. Sometimes we find that we need Christ-centered guidance to help us navigate through present difficulties and past hurts.

Crossroads Counseling Center provides Christ-centered counseling, and the opportunity to be heard, understood and cared for by our team of experienced and compassionate counselors.

In addition to our counseling services, we offer help for individuals and families struggling with financial issues. Our Financial Coaches are Certified Public Accountants who provide financial advice and guidance to the community free of charge.

To schedule an appointment, or to inquire about the services we provide, please contact us at 812-518-1490.

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    High School Girls Therapy Group
    Mondays, April 3-May 8, 6:00-7:45 PM
    Crossroads Counseling Center


    Mondays, April 3-May 8, 6:00-7:45 PM, Crossroads Counseling Center
    Teen girls know that struggling with self-worth can be a lonely, isolating place. Crossroads Counseling Center wants to help. Crossroads Counseling Center is launching a 6-week therapy group designed to provide a supportive, confidential and educational space for high school girls to discover self-worth, have open and honest conversations, and focus on issues they face today, from a biblical worldview. The cost is $50 per participant. To learn more, contact Leah Houghton at 812-518-1494.

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    Financial Coaching

    Crossroads offers help for individuals who need assistance with financial issues. Our team of financial coaches consists of Certified Public Accountants and others, who provide financial advice and guidance to individuals in our community free of charge. For details or to make an appointment, please call 812-518-1490.

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    Freedom Prayer Groups
    Intentional, private, intercessor-led prayer 

    Freedom Prayer is an intentional, private, intercessor-led prayer time, connecting people to God.  Truths encountered in prayer move from “head knowledge” to experiencing that truth in the heart (Psalm 51:6), which brings about life change, greater freedom, and deeper intimacy with the Lord.

    To schedule an in-person prayer time with someone from our Freedom Prayer team, call 812-518-1490.

    If you prefer to schedule a Zoom Freedom Prayer Session, please contact us at to set up your Zoom session.

    Join us for new prayer-focused groups offered at Crossroads using the Freedom Tools materials by Andy Reese and Jennifer Barnett. 

    How many times in everyday conversation do we struggle to comfort others in a troubled world? Christians should be "first responders”, yet we lack the tools and confidence to reach out. We end up frustrated by our own inability to connect meaningfully and make a difference.  But what would happen if we had the ability and courage to speak out in love?

    These groups give you practical understanding and simple tools to do just that. You can fill even your casual conversations with the gentle yet transforming power of Jesus Christ. Here is what you need to confidently step out to bring peace, give grace and help others experience renewal.

    Freedom prayer is a prayer ministry founded by Andy Reese and Jen Barnett that seeks to restore individuals to a more intimate relationship with God, and to a more fulfilled and fruitful life. This prayer ministry appropriates the finished work of Christ on the cross to help others find freedom from sin, wounds, and strongholds that limit their abiding with God.  Visit for more information.

    Freedom Prayer Sessions
    Sundays, 10:15 AM-12:00 PM, Room 209, Newburgh Campus

    Freedom Prayer sessions are private, personalized prayer times during which a small prayer team (2-3 members) prays with an individual.  Following the lead of the Holy Spirit and the person receiving prayer, the prayer team helps individuals recognize areas of spiritual bondage and move toward healing and freedom.   Freedom Prayer sessions are by appointment only.  To schedule an appointment, contact Crossroads Counseling Center at 812-518-1490.

    Freedom Tools Group
    Mondays beginning January 13, 6:30 PM, Newburgh Campus

    The Freedom Tools class provides a great introduction to freedom prayer ministry. Freedom Tools (Reese and Barnett) serves as the primary text for this class while additional resources are used to enhance discussion and practice. Participants will learn tools and practices that will lead them toward personal freedom while also preparing them to minister freedom to others.

    Facilitator: Emily Linge


    First Freedoms Group
    Wednesdays, Beginning January 15-9:00-11:00 AM, Room 203, Newburgh Campus

    First Freedoms is a great way to experience a taste of what freedom ministry is all about. There will be experienced Freedom Prayer team members leading and participating in this group. Come and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere as you grow in a closer relationship with the Father and begin to experience the freedom He promises.

    Gather with other believers for a weekly devotion and time of ministry through prayer. Devotions are written by Jen Barnett, co-author of Freedom Tools, the foundational resource for Freedom Prayer. Whether you’ve been through Freedom Prayer training or are brand new to the ministry, you will grow and learn to walk in the freedom that Christ purchased for you. All materials will be provided. The group is led by Emily Linge.


    Freedom prayer is a prayer ministry founded by Andy Reese and Jen Barnett that seeks to restore individuals to a more intimate relationship with God, and to a more fulfilled and fruitful life. This prayer ministry appropriates the finished work of Christ on the cross to help others find freedom from sin, wounds, and strongholds that limit their abiding with God. This training will help you personally walk in, and minister in the freedom God intended for us. (Galatians 5:1)

    Interested in learning more about Freedom Prayer? 
    Check out these great books!

    Freedom Tools by Andy Reese and Jen Barnett,

    A Guide for Listening and Inner Healing Prayer:  Meeting God in the Broken Places by Rusty Rustenbach

    There are many great books on praying God’s Word and freedom.  These 2 books focus on the ministry of freedom prayer itself.

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    Counseling Center FAQs

    Where is the Counseling Center?

    • Our Counseling Center is conveniently located at 320 Eagle Crest Drive, Suite A, Evansville, IN.

    Do I have to be a member to attend?

    • No. Our services are available to anyone who needs help and wants Christian counseling.

    How much does it cost?

    • Sessions are charged on a sliding scale based on household income. See fee scale below.

    $0-50,000 = $70 per session
    Over 50,001= $95 per session

    Do you accept insurance?

    • No, we do not file with insurance companies. We do accept cash, check, or credit/debit cards.

    What kind of services are provided?
    Our counseling team can assist individuals, couples, and families with a wide range of concerns and situations including, but not limited to, the following:

    • Depression and anxiety
    • Mood disorders
    • Women's issues, including abortion trauma
    • Relationships
    • Co-dependency
    • Addictions
    • Pre-marital counseling
    • Marital difficulties
    • Divorce recovery
    • Abuse
    • Emotional trauma
    • Life stage issues
    • Parenting difficulties
    • Child and adolescent counseling
    • Grief
    • Missionary support
    • Pornography addiction
    • Parenting challenges

    Can I get premarital counseling?

    • Yes! There is a $35 fee per couple for the SYMBIS assessment to get you started, followed by 4 - 6 counseling sessions.

    What are the Counseling Center's hours of operation?

    Monday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
    Tuesday 9:00 AM- 8:00 PM
    Wednesday-Friday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
    Closed daily for lunch daily from 12:00 PM-1:00 PM
    Saturday and Sunday- CLOSED

    How do I schedule an appointment?

    • New appointments can be made by contacting the receptionist at 812-518-1490.

    What if I have more questions?

    • Our friendly receptionist is happy to help at 812-518-1490.