Men's Fraternity

Thursdays, 6:00 AM, Chapel

Men's Fraternity is about equipping you to become the man that God has designed you to be.  Men of all ages are welcome.  For more information contact Bill Altman at 812-518-1410.

Romans Study
Join with other men for a 13-week study, as we walk through one of the most challenging and rewarding books of the New Testament: Paul’s letter to the Romans. It has been said that the study and preaching of Romans has precipitated most of the great revival moments in church history. Many great influencers, like Augustine and Martin Luther, were profoundly shaped by reading Romans.  Romans exposes just how bad we really are, a truth all men need to face. But it also shows us how really loved we are, which is the truth we hope for and which has the power to transform every area of our lives.